Practice What You Speak

Our Mission

To empower the next generation leaders with the tools they need to speak effectively. By creating a student-led safe space for the youth to hone their skills, they will develop the confidence they need to speak up and share their message with the world.

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What We Provide

We have created an integrative service that focuses on improving public speaking skills and soft skills.

The 6 weeks programme consists of critical thinking, networking skills, personal branding,
eliminating verbal ticks and much more.

We believe in competition with yourself is the best way to improve, therefore we have a marking
criteria that allows the children to track their progress.

Our Sessions


Learn something new each week.


You the skill in a range of group activities.


See how well you do against for classmates.


I feel so happy today because I have seen a lot of people here talk and express themselves on various topics.
Sarah Heinz
Today has been good. Very interactive session and I enjoyed listening to others speak. Especially from people that were actually very sceptical about public speaking. It was nice seeing people come out of their shell
Frank Oludeji
It was very engaging and interactive, definitely want to go to more of these sessions, I feel more confident speaking in front of thers
Aaron Joy
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